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Relevance: The “About Us” page directly communicates to the people regarding the company’s business, performance, and anything relevant to its operation. Therefore, while designing “about us” page, the text, colors, and images must be relevant to the business.

Photo and Images: Human minds do grasp images in a very distinct manner with accompanying information about the product or business as images have an instant vibe and leaves a long lasting impression. So, “about us” page should have an image. Including the photograph of the company’s owner or location or anything that resembles with the company’s business or mission would be perfectly admissible.

Simplicity: The “about us” page which should be capable to arrest the attention of the visitors and drag them in itself. Moreover, it should facilitate the visitors to go through the entire “about us” page without putting even a little bit of strain on their eyes. So, The “about us” page should be simple, attractive and eye-slippery. However, this can be achieved by creating a central focus on the page including one or two elements as well as the text or images used must be balanced and maintain contrast.

Content: The content sports a very earnest role in “about us” page that directly face the audience and convey the company’s information to pull them towards the company’s business as well as convince them excellently. Therefore, content being implemented in the “about us” page must be engaging and informative rather than boring and run-of-the-mill.


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